Centurion Mind Rod





The balanced and detachable handles offer a unique way to carry and store easier.


Butt (Blanks)

The Centurion blanks possess Japan’s top graphite mix-material utilizing high dimensional construction. The blanks also have a balanced tension (loading effect) which allows the rod to be more predictable.  These features also will create better recovery and  tighter trajectory patterns for casting a large bait more accurately.


Double Wrapping

They possess double wrap or layered guide wrapping to increase protection, eliminate guide movement.



Model: Centurion Mind Mother Limited


The only true hi-tech swim bait rod produced in the world, specifically designed to throw swim baits that weigh a ½ pound or more.  Swim baits like the Mother Original, Custom, and Nature exceed 10 ounces in weight.  Its longer handle and mated blank provides easier control over casting big baits distances.

The Limited loads evenly. It’s weight 8.4 ounces is distributed over the 8ft rod in a balanced configuration. Slingshot casting is made easy with the Mother Limited.  This rod was designed to handle giant fish in the 15 and greater weight category.



Length: 8’0″
Weight: 10.58 oz.
Line: 25 – 30lb.





Model: Centurion Mind Bre-ast


This rod is slightly shorter and lighter, weighing in at just 7 ounces.  This rod has tremendous feedback for retrieving lures or detecting strikes. It was designed for throwing swim baits like the Negotiator and Roman Trick.  It was also designed to throw the giant 14-inch Prologue worms. Anglers also looking for and excellent punch rod will soon be discovering this Centurion.



Length: 7’8″
Weight: 5 oz.
Line: 16 – 25lb.




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