Roman Trick

The Roman Trick was brought to market after several prototypes. The square bill lip version is a floating segment swimbait with several build in actions. The Trick possesses a unique sound during the retrieve.  It can be fished over many speeds without difficulty.

The TRICK LIPLESS (a 3-segment lure)

The Lipless sinks slowly and naturally. This lure took four seasons of development, however in season two the RomanMade staff had many blow ups on the lure during high-speed retrieve.  The Lipless has extremely narrow head, and low ballast placement allows the lure to be retrieved at a painfully slow crawl (pace).  In comparison to other segmented baits the Lipless swim-action begins as soon the reel handle engages.

RomanMade’s impressive Glide Effect is readily present in the lure.  This allows the lure to be burned and then immediately stopped enacting glide effect.  The lure will actually swim on its own for a short period of time.




  • 2.29 o.z and 7.3 inches
  • Handmade Wooden Swimbait
  • Floating



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Roman Trick - Pig
Roman Trick -Chartreuse
RomanTrick - Albino
RomanTrick - Ayu
RomanTrick - Chiayu
RomanTrick - Dace
RomanTrick - Impact Red
RomanTrick - Ochiayu
RomanTrick - Oikawamesu
RomanTrick - Oikawaosu
RomanTrick - Rainbow


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